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California Governor Gavin Newsom called Sunday for bars, wineries, nightclubs and breweries in the nation's most populous state to close and urged seniors and people with chronic health problems to be isolated to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Sunday night that he has closed all restaurants and bars in his city of San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego to slow the spread of the coronavirus, his office said.

Monterey and Napa counties, which had reopened for restaurants and drinking, closed all activities as cases continued to rise. Restaurant owners in the Bay Area, still reeling from news of the abrupt closure, blacked out completely, laid off thousands of workers and California residents remained at home.

San Mateo County has banned gatherings of 10 or more people, 50 more have been officially banned, and Santa Clara County on Friday banned 100 more gatherings and limited all gatherings to 35 more. While the state continues to allow additional activities and transactions with a deviation from the county, local orders require that these activities or companies with additional behavioral restrictions be authorized to reduce the transmission rate of COVID 19.

The program would aim to use online screenings to find out the number of people with a history of mental health problems such as substance abuse and could be stopped from driving - with tests starting on Tuesday. It started in Sonoma County tomorrow and will begin Monday in Santa Clara County and next week in San Mateo County.

Castro is full of informal, friendly hangouts for tourists looking for fun things to do with friends. Vienna's bill proposes 10 cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. If you look at some of the things you do at weekends, you can start right here at the Castro.

Hawaii - Inspired snacks, chilling out to jazz and a pinball paradise not far away, San Francisco won't disappoint. This neighborhood favorite has a mix of local and foreign owners attracted by its casual, informal atmosphere. The jukebox features some of the best live music in the Bay Area, as well as a wide selection of craft beer and wine. Get to know the bartenders, relax with jazz and get ready for a fun evening at this bar and restaurant in the neighborhood with a friendly bartender and great views of San Mateo.

Compared to SF, the nightlife in the East Bay is not only lackluster, but also better, and even better than other places in the Bay Area. Overall, the nightlife in Downtown Walnut Creek is a lie for a handful of towns on the Penninsula and South Bay, including the ones we mentioned.

The 84 motorway is easily accessible, allowing those who want to leave the area for a few days to get there easily. CalTrain or a car can easily get to Silicon Valley communities, but there's not much to stop the nightlife in San Mateo County outside downtown Walnut Creek.

The section of Sawyer Camp is paved so you can walk, jog and ride a bike safely. A short visit will allow you to explore some of the area's most popular spots, such as the San Mateo County Fairgrounds, Walnut Creek Zoo or Santa Clara Valley Museum.

North Beach, known as San Francisco's Little Italy, is the place to find many of the city's most popular restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants. If you live in San Mateo, a ride by car, Uber or train will take you directly to this great neighborhood of our city, making it easier to spend your weekends in SF than most of your colleagues. Benefit from the many hard-working young professionals who forget that they live in South San Francisco when they return to everyday life.

This cozy dive in San Rafael has a casual, homely atmosphere where you can play the pinball machine of the Addam Family or play a nice billiard game with your neighbors.

This clean and sweet café is a nice way to repair board games and drinks. This quiet, gentle South Bay bar serves beer and wine, as the name suggests, but with much more fun than that. This wine and beer bar in downtown San Mateo is the perfect relaxed setting to meet new people and meet someone you've just met or met in an unpressured environment. Located directly on the bay, the Bocce Bar has a great bar, a bowls ball games corner and a good selection of board games.

Like most cities on the peninsula, San Mateo is close to 101 and the bay. As most people who pay even the slightest attention to our tech industry know, this community is located within the city limits of Palo Alto, which itself is in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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