San Mateo California Holiday Inn Hotel

San Mateo, CA - September 9, 2013 - Urban Commons LLC today announced the opening of the San Mateos California Holiday Inn Hotel, the first hotel of its kind in California. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, with everything you would expect from an upscale middle-class hotel, with all the amenities and amenities of a luxury resort, this newly built San Francisco Bay Area hotel offers the best of both worlds.

Save up to 60% on this South San Francisco hotel with Hotwire Hot Rate Deals and enjoy the luxury of three mud pools that vary depending on the temperature of The San Mateos California Holiday Inn Hotel, the first of its kind in California, features a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa and wellness facilities, a private pool with poolhouse and spa, and a full-service restaurant, bar and lounge.

Hotel guests can also visit nearby San Francisco to visit the San Mateos County Museum of Natural History and the Golden Gate Bridge. Other nearby attractions include the Bay Bridge, the California State Capitol and other historic buildings. If you are planning a trip, check in at one of the many restaurants, bars and lounges on the first floor of the hotel. Experience the tradition of excellent service and relaxed atmosphere at the Holiday Inn Hotel in the heart of San Jose, California's largest city.

Travelers looking at their wallets will appreciate the low price tag that is easy to find in a city like San Francisco. Rooms are simply furnished, but each has its own bed, shared bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and private bathroom.

Enjoy Radisson Rewards and enjoy free Wi-Fi, free meals and free parking at San Mateo Holiday Inn Hotel. Free Wi-Fi, unlimited free drinks and free parking in the hotel's underground car park are available.

Enjoy free Wi-Fi, free meals and free parking at this downtown San Francisco hotel at the San Mateo Holiday Inn Hotel. Each plush room at this B & B features flat-screen cable TV, and the hotel offers free Wi-Fi in the lobby and on the second floor.

With a PS150 per room per night, San Francisco is just a short drive away, and day trippers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, free meals and free parking at this San Mateo Holiday Inn hotel. Free Wi-Fi in the lobby and second floor of the hotel, as well as free breakfast and lunch. On the doorstep, day trippers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, a free bathroom and free parking.

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or just want to have your own space, book a private room with a spa and enjoy this modern San Mateo, CA hotel. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby and on the second floor, as well as breakfast and lunch.

Business travelers will appreciate the spa and wellness facilities, as well as the state-of-the-art fitness and fitness center. It is just a short drive from Napa and Sonoma Valley, home to some of the best vineyards in the world.

We are confident that your stay in San Mateo will be an unforgettable and pleasant experience. Whether you're traveling for business or visiting Silicon Valley, experience the newly renovated hotel rooms, spa, fitness and wellness center at the Holiday Inn. Meet us today and be sure to be one of the first guests at one of our vacation rentals in the Bay Area.

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