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The Berkeley Unified School District announced late Thursday that the public school system will suspend all classes for students on April 6. The San Francisco Unified School District announced Thursday that all public schools will be closed for the rest of the school year because of a series of storms.

Schools in West Contra Costa County will remain closed from Monday, and the spring break schedule has been moved from April 6 to March 30, the district said. Santa Cruz County public schools and some private schools in the county were closed for the rest of the school year because of a series of storms, the district said Thursday. The West Contra Rica Unified School District, a public school district, announced that all schools and all private school systems in Santa Clara County and Santa Barbara County will be closed from Monday through March 30. All schools in the West Costa County with a population of more than 1,000 students will also be closed from this Monday through March 31, except Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rita Elementary School and San Jose Middle School.

Meals provided by schools can be collected from the San Mateo County Food Bank and the Contra Costa County Health Department.

For more information, visit the San Mateo County Public Transportation Department and the company's Web site, where you can find more information about how coronavirus affects service. Additional trains will run southbound during the San Francisco Giants game to accommodate passengers. There is no service on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system between San Jose and Oakland, but people can visit our website here to get information on how the service is affected by coronovirus.

The sailors had a cape on the edge of San Francisco Bay, which they named after the coyote, and the most famous - known natural area is a rock - that rises into San Mateo Bay. In the late 20th century, the mixed oak forest and the Chaparral habitat were at the centre of controversy over plans to develop part of the mountain for residential use. The cemetery contains the remains of a former district hospital and a monument to the former chief physician of the county. Hospitals in San Matias include San Mateo County - an acute care facility at San Jose Medical Center, San Rafael Hospital in Fremont and St. Mary's Hospital and Hospital, both across from the hospital - and Palo Alto.

Today, Coyote Point houses the San Mateo County Museum of Natural History, formerly known as CuriOdyssey, and is bordered by the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge to the west and San Francisco Bay on both sides.

1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd., the College of San Mateo, is home to the University of California, San Francisco and San Jose State University. Other universities in the area include Stanford University, which is about 12 miles south. It is also home to neighboring Belmont High School and the California Institute of Technology, as well as other colleges and universities.

Swimming pools are offered at Ryder Park, which features water features, as well as at the University of California, San Mateo and San Jose State.

The wide street in the middle foreground is 3rd and 4th Avenue, which are shared west of the Bayshore Freeway. The core of downtown San Mateo is located to the west on 101 between the 3rd, 4th and 5th and is northeast oriented. Notable attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay Bridge and San Jose State University. Sawyer's Camp Trail, which is located on a 1.5-mile hiking trail between downtown and the Santa Clara River, is a popular destination for joggers, pedestrians and cyclists. This trail, about 6 km long, starts in San Matteo and runs north from Hillsborough to San Bruno, parallel to the 280 motorway.

Central Park is home to many community park functions that serve downtown residents, but is considered a major attraction. Many visitors to San Mateo will visit the San Jose Arboretum, a 2,000-acre arboreum located in Central Park.

The city is considered to be very diverse, with San Mateo County, San Jose County and the San Francisco Bay Area being the most numerous. Among the city's largest contributors to the economy are California State University, the University of California, Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley.

Japanese immigrants came to San Mateo to work in the salt pond and flower industry, but also to work as farmers and labourers. In 1858, California State University, Santa Cruz (CSU) and the University of California (UC) were founded in San Francisco and established their first campus in San Mateos County.

After Hayward's death in 1904, a small part of the estate near the mansion was converted into the Peninsula Hotel in 1908. In 1988, the property was purchased by the San Mateos County Historical Society, which restored it to its original condition.

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