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If you are looking for a restaurant that offers unique Asian cuisine, you can try it anywhere. San Mateo County and Silicon Valley also offer some amazing steakhouse options, so here are 31 of the best dishes you'll find on the peninsula. This is a great option because they offer fresh Italian dishes made from fresh ingredients from Northern California. If your cravings are satisfied, head to one of these great restaurants for delicious seafood.

The sushi bar is a strong movement, but the robata grate is an even stronger movement and the omakase does not disappoint with its eyes and palate. Ramen Dojo specializes in spicy ramen broth, which is usually punched with lots of garlic and served in an intimate setting. If you get miso - tender pork - go to Santa Raman to get something. This restaurant has one of the best options in San Mateo County and Silicon Valley, meaning you can get a garlic rama stuffed with lobster oil and topped with fried soft shell crab.

A good number of places are secured for walks - ins, which means that you can probably get on without reservation. Gintei has also made Izakaya chops, so don't forget to round up your meal if you have to. Try this beautiful steakhouse in San Mateo, which offers a wide selection of steaks, as well as a variety of starters, salads and desserts.

An eight-piece omakase will set you back $55, which is a steal considering that each nigiri comes with a seasonal specialty board that can be purchased for up to $30 or even just $10. This includes a tobiko - a number of dotted salmon and crab that might be worth giving up for the day, as well as a selection of other dishes, all made to order.

The grass-fed burgers cost $12 and they have a variety of toppings, such as avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and more. This is Uncle Tetsu's, 72 Hillsdale Mall, located in a remodeled food court in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The speciality here are the desserts, which can be found both on the menu and in the restaurant itself. Here you will also find some of the best cakes and salads, as well as a selection of desserts from local bakeries and restaurants.

All things being equal, head to Ramen Parlor, 901 S.B. Street, where you can get a dojo that will make you queue less. The specialty is ramen, which blends cold noodles in a thick, intensely aromatic Rama-style dip broth and is one of the most popular dishes in Los Angeles, if not California.

Provided for pickup by the San Mateo County Department of Food and Drug Administration (DDA) and the Los Angeles County Health Department.

Meals are provided through the Mobile Meals program, which provides care for those who are at home. San Mateo pantries can direct residents to other food aid programs, including CalFresh and WIC, as well as to local food banks. If a family needs help with food, they can turn to a local pantry for storage, distribution, or starvation. Many pantries distribute food boxes for the needy, and some deliver meals as part of their mobile food delivery service.

If your family uses a pantry in San Mateo, please note the conditions that apply to them.

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Sakae Yuizumi, a chef, grew up in San Francisco before opening a Chinese restaurant in his hometown of San Jose. During his childhood, he spent three days a week in a building shared by a Japanese school and a Buddhist temple.

Suruki is a large plate of sushi (hamachi toro), which can be bought as nigiri (hand - roll - large pieces). You will also see a wide selection of old sushi bars, some of which date back 40 years or more. The most famous and probably most popular of these is the one in the early 1990s when Osamu Sugiyama sat at a 10-seat sushi counter. This market began to transport a lot of food for Hawaiians who moved to the San Mateo area around that time, around the late 1950s and early 1960s.

This café does not have the typical suburban dining room feel of many Peninsula restaurants. This restaurant is a little too small to get a place on the CV, but it makes up for it with a wide selection of food, excellent service and a friendly atmosphere.

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