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San Mateo, California, is located on the Bay of San Francisco and offers a wide range of attractions for seniors. One of the best features is its proximity to San Jose, the second largest city in the Bay Area. There are a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and cafes and there is a good Farmers' Here at Markets Bay Area where there is a wide selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables and much more.

Groups visiting San Mateo County can organize guided tours and tastings at many of the region's agricultural attractions. Whether you want to explore your ancestral home over the Internet or enjoy the culture and coastline, here are four attractions and activities your group will enjoy in and around San Matador County.

The CuriOdyssey Museum (above) is also a fantastic place to spend the day outdoors, and the possibilities are endless.

Located on the edge of San Mateo with a magnificent view of the bay, the museum has a variety of exhibits, such as an exhibition on ancient Greece and the history of human evolution. Located just blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, this center is in the heart of Santa Clara County and boasts the largest museum of its kind in California with more than 2,000 exhibits.

Right next to the city center is a great place for kids to run around and recharge their batteries. Sunrise San Mateo is located just a few blocks from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, right on the Bay Bridge.

Surrounded by paths and grassy slopes, you are guaranteed to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful city of San Mateo. If you have more time, you can explore other fun activities outside the city centre and take in the remarkable views of the bay.

The Atria Park in San Mateo increases the comfort and safety of seniors through carefully arranged apartment services. We offer affordable housing for residents who cannot earn enough to live alone, and we offer cash assistance to help with rent and utilities. Learn more about assisted living and the financial support programs available to you. There are a number of programs for older adults and adolescent children to help them make a living.

North of Highway 92 there is a nice walking area that allows dogs, and Pillar Point is visible from the trail. Half Moon Bay State Beach is also a great place to be on a sunny day with a good view of San Mateo Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a lot of wave activity here and it is the largest beach in the Bay Area and one of the most popular beaches in California.

San Mateo has many child-friendly attractions, which make it a great place to explore with the family. This great city has some of the best restaurants and drinks in the peninsula. If you're looking for activities in San Matea over the weekend, you can use this guide to find out what it has to offer. With this comprehensive list, you can enjoy all the fun and entertaining events and activities in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, and enjoy the breathtaking views from the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge, as well as the beautiful views of San Jose Bay.

Where we have data, we have given the minimum and maximum population of a place to give you a better idea of the number of places in San Mateo and its distance from San Francisco. This page allows you to calculate the distance between your home and the nearest city, as well as the distance to other cities in the Bay Area. If data show that there is a minimum or maximum distance of 2,500 km or more from the city of San Jose or a maximum or minimum distance to the cities of Santa Clara, San Bernardino and San Diego.

If you need a list of towns and cities located 40 miles east of San Mateo, you can filter the value table by city and town and export the results to the CSV. For example, if you want to measure the total number of cities 40 miles south of New York City or 50 miles from San Francisco, filter by city, county, state, or county.

We can't wait to learn all about your adventures in San Mateo and look forward to your booking! Simply download the map of San Matadoria, CA so you can easily access it when traveling over the Internet. Use the satellite view or save the PDF to get a free print of our SanMatadori plans.

Watch the home team of San Mateo play a beautiful evening of good food and emotions in front of a large crowd at the San Matadoria Stadium.

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