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California's Bay Area managed to create new jobs last month, but at a sharply reduced pace, state labor officials reported Friday, and the improvement in the unemployment rate will remain weak compared with the state's overall job growth over the past year and a half. California's job gains in November were half what they were in October, as the California labor market slowed even more sharply, generating only a 1.5 percent increase in jobs, less than half the jobs gained in September and only slightly more than the amount the state gained in October, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

If you are not currently employed in the transit district of San Mateo County, you can use the Employee Portal to see if you have a job available. Interested parties applying for vacancies can also see if there is a vacancy in the transport sector or another public service position in the county.

We encourage you to apply for this and other opportunities through Wells Fargo, but please do not do so before closing this post.

As an internal candidate, you must ensure that you list all communications you can receive and complete all possible activities. If you need accommodation, please call the San Mateo County Personnel Department at (415) 543-5555. You can apply through Wells Fargo's online application process, but if you apply through a third-party agency such as a local bank or credit union and cannot provide documentation, you may not be eligible to work for the San Mateos County transit district.

The HR department will endeavour to accommodate candidates with disabilities if requested during the recruitment and examination process. We will work with our clients and the rehabilitation department to achieve the employment goals of each person.

Take a look at the opportunities we offer you and become part of a family that makes a difference and the transportation needs of their families. Send your application documents to the San Mateo County Human Resources Department at (925) 945-5555 or send them to If you have any questions about Neighborhood Watch of San Jose, please visit our website or contact us by email or phone at [email address].

They are invited to participate in a review process that may consist of an oral panel interview (zoom), scheduled for Thursday, 19 November 2020. The next step for this task is an online review on a video screen. Please note that the City of San Mateo reserves the right, at its discretion, to limit the number of qualified candidates invited to the selection process to a maximum of four (4) candidates per post. If you are selected to advance in this process, you will not be selected for any of the next steps in this process.

Due to the volume of applications received, this vacancy can be removed at any time after the specified deadline. Candidates with disabilities who require special support during this stage of the application and testing process should inform the Human Resources Department of the submission of this application. To receive processing, you must apply online or in paper form, and the completed application package must be received by the district's Human Resources Department within the prescribed time limit in order for the applications to be resubmitted in paper form.

Jobs provides support in developing strategies to attract and retain job seekers with employment goals. We offer clients matched with the right employers by focusing on the individual's goals and skills, and we help choose the right employer with different topics and technologies. We can also recommend changes to programs and practices that meet the needs of our clients and employers.

Provide and train work instructions and instructions for assigned staff and students and the work associated with them if required. Maintain the kitchen and control areas in safe, clean and orderly conditions. Prepare for supplier surveys and trips you plan to take in a particular area. Receiving and storing food and stocks, handling and handling food.

Although your CV may have experience and training details, make sure that all sections of the online application and paper application are complete to ensure that your information is accurately recorded during the screening process. If you meet the required requirements, you will be required to provide documentation showing that you have worked in the United States at least one year prior to the date of your application.

Before being hired, candidates must successfully complete a pre-employment process that includes a background check of their driving ability and criminal record. Wells Fargo does not consider qualified candidates with criminal histories under applicable local, state or federal laws, including the uniform code of federal law (U.S.C. SS 14-1).

Candidates for jobs described as "sensitive to safety" must take a drug test before hiring as part of their background check and drug screenings.